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Travis Savo

Developer Blog

Travis Savo, also known as Sensei Kevlar, is the Los Angeles-based founder of TraderPlan. A lifelong acolyte of technology, Travis is a proponent of creating solutions to real-world problems with code and a bit of ingenuity.

Travis is fluent in many modern programming languages and best-practice development approaches for large scale networked systems, modern video game engines, desktops applications, mobile and embedded devices, and multimedia platforms. He has been a leader of many successful teams on profitable multi-million dollar enterprise projects. He attributes his success to total immersion in programming; to him, coding is not just a job, but a lifestyle.

His background in computer science and electrical engineering coupled with his work in the entertainment industry allows him to provide a unique perspective on the near-future possibilities of technology-based entertainment. Many of his contributions can be found in modern games, large scale enterprise web sites, and free/open source enterprise-level projects.

Travis spent 20+ years following the traditional path of going to school, working, and chasing higher wages. Two and a half years ago, that changed: he became determined to chase hope and build out something he believed in. Now, TraderPlan is a Discord bot which creates millionaires, structured on meritocracy and a team that founded themselves.

TraderPlan offers multi-exchange support to automate the blockfolios of businesses. Offering multiple levels of subscription services, Travis Savo hopes to improve the bot and offer even more adaptability and ways to improved crypto trading. It is designed to be an easy-to-learn method for businesses to make money overnight.

With TraderPlan, Travis wishes to reevaluate how people handle investments. Part of the proof-of-concept for the bot is to integrate charity into the venture, with him structuring a revenue schedule donating to his new philanthropic venture, the With More HOPE Foundation. He eagerly anticipates the next round of rollouts for TradePlan and the initiatives that will come with them.

Travis Savo created this blog to share news on TraderPlan and track its path within the open-source movement, all seen through the eyes of one developer who has written way too much code. Stay tuned for new posts here, or visit his disruptive tech blog or philanthropy blog for more.